Our integrated technologies permit Sabot to effectively manage the entire fleet by reducing overhead costs per kilometer. This management process has proved to be extremely effective in terms of prolonging the lifespan of each vehicle by reducing wear and tear throughout the entire process of transport.

Sabot takes full advantage of only the most efficient and effective routes through which cargo is transported. Route management has proven to be a valuable contributing factor toward fleet optimisation. 

Sabot employs the latest in GPS tracking technology for all transport vehilcles to ensure up-to-date location information of all cargo.

Additional technologies include DriveCam (on-board cameras) which provide Sabot with collective visual events which include the interior of the vehicle cabin, as well as the exterior view. The capturing of this visual data enables Sabot to effectively manage and reduce instances of risk driving. Over the review period, this footage is utilised to illustrate and educate future Sabot drivers on becoming a more efficient and successful driver.

Our technology permits Sabot to effectively add security to vehicles thus preventing unwanted security breaches and theft. Our state-of-the-art technology aids in preventing or reducing damages caused by attempts of break-ins and hijacks.